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The shop is situated at Smithbrook Kilns, a small retail estate on the A281 just outside Cranleigh in Surrey. This is a dream location to buy a bike plentiful parking, grassy areas for the kids to play, a restaurant where you can go and have coffee or lunch and think things over, and space to test ride bikes away from traffic. We offer you the best advice we can, based on over 20 years of experience and an impressive amount of product training received from our high quality suppliers. We want you to have the best experience possible when you come to shop at Beyond.

In our range we keep a good selection of off road bicycles suitable for family bike rides, as well as the more serious all-mountain suspension bikes and cross country racing bikes. Belying our name we also stock road bikes and now E-bikes as well. We have an interesting mix of offerings from our main brands Specialized and Trek, as well as being a dealer for Sarto custom Italian handmade frames.

Jackie Roberts

Back in 1997, Simon Roberts was building and decorating houses, whilst searching for an interesting business opportunity, and Jackie was working for an accountancy firm, preparing accounts and holding business seminars. Simon was keen on mountain biking, and had just completed a winter of intensive training for some cross country racing. Jackie's cycling experiences were limited to riding with kids, smallest child on a trailer bike attached to her own, 7 year old alongside on his own mountain bike, and two dogs! Oh how life has changed since those days! The shop was born in April 1997; Simon's tastes ran to lightweight carbon road bikes, whilst Jackie has been to the top of her age category at a national level, winning the women's National Championship title in cross country racing three years in a row in 2000, 2001 and 2002 and then again in 2016. Jackie continues to run the shop with the same passion for riding, and is chairman of Cranleigh Cycling Club. She rides on road bikes with the club, and has won her age category at Tour of Cambridgeshire for the last two years, as well as continuing with the XC mountain bike racing.

Ian Exton

Ian came to us from a world of IT, computers, wires and connectors have given way to bicycles, brakes and wheel components. He qualified as a level 2 Cytech mechanic in 2012 and joined us part time to get some experience and decide whether he liked the bicycle world. He's full time this year, and is a valued member of the team, with a great manner with customers and taking huge pride in his work. He loves to come out of the workshop and help customers in the showroom, and at last, we have someone who is keen to ride and assist with shop rides. As someone who loved to fettle his own bikes, which led to him achieving his Cytech qualification, he has commented that there is a lot to learn from working on other peoples bikes. The opportunity to work in a shop with other mechanics has been invaluable, sometimes there is no substitute for having done it before, and he has now become that voice of experience himself.

Anna Pritchard

Anna works in the shop part time as a sales person and women's liaison. She brings her experience of personal training and fitness coaching to her role in the shop, and loves that part of her role involves taking out the women's bike rides. A great organiser, she has set up several maintenance evenings for us, right down to the prosecco and fairy lights, and mucks in with puncture repairs up at Newlands Corner when we provide support for the Ride London 100. Full of humour, customers love her. Importantly, she is great with kids, as she has two youngsters of her own, and enhances the attraction of our shop to families looking to buy bikes with her child friendly approach.


Nick Manning

Nick works part time in the shop. He started building bikes in the 80s as junior time trialist before turning to mountain biking. He has been riding the Surrey Hills for over 20 years and knows the single track trails like the back of his hands. Nick is a qualified CTC mountain bike trail leader and Level 2 bike mechanic. He is also one of the founding members of Cranleigh Cycling Club and is a well known face on the roads and local trails. He's a self- confessed "Strava Diva" when it comes to anything flat or single track.